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Listings for Alaskan Malamute Pups in Ireland (0)

If you are interested in the Alaskan Malamute a few details on this dog breed will be of interest to you. This dog for one is a native of Alaska, it has a thick undercoat, comes in grey, black, or red and always with a throwback of some white color on the coat. This is the dog that one sees in the Hollywood movies where a dog is pulling a bobsled in snow. It has a litter size of some 4 – 10 puppies, with a lifespan that can extend for up to some 14 years. This dog is classified by many classification bodies as a working dog. The Alaskan Malamute temperament is quiet and they are deemed loyal to their masters.

Sorry, no listings were found.

Mans Best Friend


1: any puppy offered for sale must be 8 weeks or older.
2: you should be shown a veterinary certificate of vaccination.
3: always ask when your pup was last wormed and his current diet.
4: Your pup should be microchipped
5: your pup should appear healthy, alert and with good body condition
6: you should have your pup checked by a vet within 48hrs of purchase.
7: If you suspect your pup of being unwell you should contact the breeder/veterinary surgeon immediately.

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