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Listings for Dogue de Bordeaux Pups in Ireland (0)

The Dog De Bordeaux has its origins in Bordeaux, France, has a massive head, and a powerful body. Though loyal, the Dog De Bordeaux requires a lot of training and socialization. He is a devoted and affectionate family dog. The DDB has conflicting characters of both sweetness and calmness, as well as arrogance and stubbornness. Commonly a split personality, the DDB can be gentle at one stage, the dominant the next. For this reason, this dog is not recommended to a typical home environment. Although loyal, the DDB requires constant training, and frequent socialization. This is mainly geared towards preventing aggression to strangers. The DDB is a superb guard dog, and has, on occasion, been used to compete in many sports.

Sorry, no listings were found.

Mans Best Friend


1: any puppy offered for sale must be 8 weeks or older.
2: you should be shown a veterinary certificate of vaccination.
3: always ask when your pup was last wormed and his current diet.
4: Your pup should be microchipped
5: your pup should appear healthy, alert and with good body condition
6: you should have your pup checked by a vet within 48hrs of purchase.
7: If you suspect your pup of being unwell you should contact the breeder/veterinary surgeon immediately.

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