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The West Highland originated from Poltalloch, Scotland and is a white terrier. The West Highland White Terrier, is nicknamed as Westie and is a small, strong dog. They have a round head. These dogs do not require a strict training schedule as they are quite easy to train. Also, though they are always bursting with energy, they do not need daily walks or jogs to stay mentally and physically healthy. However, they become restless if given improper attention. They are jolly natured and gets along with strangers and children easily. They are an easy dog to travel with. They are full of life and activity. They are always involved in playing games, chasing small animals or digging. They do not pick fights quickly, if their owners know how to train and lead them. These dogs are prone to joint deterioration, chronic hernias, jawbone calcification, liver disease Legg-Perthes disease (hip problems), and skin allergies. They live for about 15 or more years on an average. As West Highland Terriers descended from a breed of robust dogs that used to chase rats and foxes, they are naturally intelligent and full of curiosity. Since they are very squeaky and energetic, they should be kept properly leashed.

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Mans Best Friend


1: any puppy offered for sale must be 8 weeks or older.
2: you should be shown a veterinary certificate of vaccination.
3: always ask when your pup was last wormed and his current diet.
4: Your pup should be microchipped
5: your pup should appear healthy, alert and with good body condition
6: you should have your pup checked by a vet within 48hrs of purchase.
7: If you suspect your pup of being unwell you should contact the breeder/veterinary surgeon immediately.

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