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Welcome To Go Pups

| Uncategorised | November 16, 2011

Welcome to Gopups.com
Gopups is a site designed and built around Irish puppies and pups, if you are thinking about buying a puppy this is the site for you! Buying a puppy can be a life changing event, Gopups want buying a puppy to be a positive experience, our site has been built around  puppies in Ireland finding loving new homes, Irish puppies are the best bred dogs in the world. It is important that we seek to build upon generations of expert dog breeding and promote good practice throughout Ireland. Buying an Irish puppy should be a hugely rewarding experience. You our customer whether buying or selling a puppy can rest assured you are our number one priority and we aim to keep Gopups.com your 1st choice dog sales website.

Gopups is currently free to use, we intend to provide our services free, for as long as possible. We appreciate your support.

Why choose Gopups?

Gopups breeders hold a wealth of experience in dog breeding. Our breeders recognise the customer’s right to value for money, and thus are committed to ensuring that upon buying a pup from our site, you are buying a healthy Irish pup. Gopups are actively working at all levels to make this a reality.

Our site, is founded by trusted professional breeders, we are united in our determination to provide dog lovers with a healthy happy pet.

Gopups.com boast an ever expanding variety of breeds, and with a dog or pup to suit every taste; it remains the number no.1 site for those interested in buying a pup.
Got a favourite breed? Simply click on the All Categories icon at the top of the screen, click on your favourite breed and browse.

However, beware…
With pictures posted of almost every dog, it is impossible not to fall in love with the whole Gopup canine community!

A Gopup is a healthy pup!

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Red Alert

| Uncategorised | July 11, 2011

Red Alert

At present, an epidemic is looming, threatening the well-being of Irish pups and dogs, across the country.

It is, of course, the dreaded flea and lice; the curse of the canine.

The problem is only exacerbated by our Irish summer, damp warm weather conditions, creating a breeding zone for these parasites.

Well, how can I prevent this?

Prevention is better than a cure, so therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the dog or pup is isolated from any dogs suspected of having either fleas or lice, as they are commonly transferred from dog to dog.

However, it is not only other dogs that increase your dog or pup’s risk of catching fleas and lice. It is passed on, too, by other wildlife, such as foxes and badgers. Thus, it is essential that you provide your dog or pup with  preventative treatment.

Also, dogs or pups who are active in areas with long grass are more susceptible to catching fleas and lice. So, therefore, it is advisable to cut gardens regularly and be cautious of walking dogs or pups in areas of excessive vegetation.

When buying a puppy, it is essential that the home is clean and well-kempt, so as to further prevent the risk of infestation. There are a number of preventative products which you use, pet owners should contact their vet or pharmacist for more information.

Each dog and pup should be checked regularly; on a weekly basis if possible. This can be done by placing your fingers on the dog’s back, nape of the neck, root of the tail, and pulling the hair forward, slowly and checking the skin for any fleas, lice or discomfort.

How to spot flea/lice infestation?

Flea or lice infestation may manifest itself in continuous scratching, knawing of the coat, crying or bald patchs. It is also advisable to purchase a fine toothed comb and use it to comb through the hair, checking for any crawling on the comb or red patchy circles on the skin, which are likely to be flea bites.

Upon discovering either of these, it is essential that you contact your local vet or pharmacy immediately, as they can have serious implications for your dog or pup’s health and can in extreme cases prove fatal, especially in young suckling pups.

I hope this information has gave you all a further insight into looking after your pet’s health regarding fleas and lice. Gopups care about the health of your dog and are constantly seeking to improve the health of Irish dogs.