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When Is Your Puppy Ready to Go Out?

When buying a puppy one may think that the pet is far not ready to go outside. Is it? Do not repeat common mistakes of the first time pup owners. Read this article to learn more on the topic.

Toilet Training: Step by Step Guide

It is essential that your puppy or dog gives the owner no extra problems spoiling carpet or flooring with unhabit of toilet asking. Make sure you do that in the right time when puppy is eager to learn and remember.

Titanic Crash: Story of Two Lucky Dogs

In the near past Britain celebrated 100 years since the Titanic crash – a tragedy that shocked the world. One of the most prominent and largest ships ever created sank taking lives of thousands of people.

Top 5 Rarest Dogs to be Found

A cute post about rarest dogs on the planet that comes with the photos of the pets!

5 Top Dogs Fears

Just like humans, dogs has many things they are afraid of or fear of. If you love your dog – avoid them or try to minimize their effect by calming down your pet.

Choosing pup: Things To Know

Puppies have that gracious look that makes one to endear to them. They also have beautiful tender hair and are just fine when held. They do not make demands and can prove to be worthy companions in the house. There are many cross breeds that have been developed to improve a given set of traits in dogs…

Compare Breeds | Make Right Choice

Although dogs have been described as man’s best friend, man’s best buddy comes in diverse packages. The diversity ranges from, temperament, size, and even personality of the mutt in question. The following article will attempt to give a difference of the different dog breeds in the market place…

Puppy Of Your Dreams

Puppies have for a long time been the best types of pets for many people around the world. This is mainly due to their ability to amuse and entertain people all the time. However, due to the increase in the number of breeds available, some of which are mixed breeds, the process of choosing the right puppy for you can become a bit overwhelming…

Dogs with personalities: Jack Russell and Kerry Blue

There different breeds of pups in the world today. This makes it hard for people in need of pups, as they go through a hard time trying to get the right one to rear. Among the common breeds of dog, which many people find confusing, are the Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, Labradoodle and Labrador. Many people find choosing among these dogs challenging especially when one want a dog with certain traits and personalities…

Main Points In Choosing Dog For Family

When someone decides that they want to have a pup, they often start looking for one without really giving it much thought. Well that is not the way to go. Like in any other thing, it is always advisable to do your research well so that you can familiarize yourself with the various breeds as well as the price…

Buying a Pup guide | Ireland

When you are in the market for a puppy there are a number of guidelines that you might have to look into before you procure that much loved pet, the following is a general list that your search for a reputable breeder might bring to the table…

Tips for Choosing Healthy Puppy

Now that you have decided to get a four legged friend and live happily ever after, how do you ensure that you pick the right one? I’m not insinuating that you should actually date a dog to determine if you are compatible for each other. If you want the “happily ever after” part to come to pass then you have got to get yourself a healthy puppy…

The Most Popular Dogs’ breeds In Ireland

Ireland is a country which has got a relatively low population just like the United Kingdom, however it is one of the most popular dog search destination for several people across the globe. Currently, it ranks as the second highest dog search destination in the world per capita…

Irish Pups’ Shops: Picking the Best Pup

Irish pups are the best way to go for anyone who wishes to raise pups whether for security reasons or just for pleasure or companion as pets. The main reason for this is because it becomes very easy to be able to raise the pup in the best way that you prefer…

Choose A New Family Pup

Choosing a new family pet can prove to be a daunting process. However, having some few tips on how to get the best will make the process more fun. Settling on a good one could see you bring loads of happiness to your family…

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

If you are in the market for a dog breed, the following guide list will give you a hint of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, there are a variety of factors which make a dog breed expensive. Purity of the breeder, whether a particular breed is an offspring prize winner, et al…

Why So Many People Love Dogs?

While some people look at dogs as just mere animals that do not need any attention, others cannot afford to live without them. This then begs the question, why so many people love dogs? People have their own reasons why they love dogs. This article seeks to provide you with some of the major reasons why people love keeping dogs in their houses as pets…

Selling Pups Company: How Should It Look

From history, we learn that the dog was the first animal to be ever domesticated by man and to date dog’s remains man’s best friend. This is basically the reason that you will find various companies selling pups and not lions or even wolves. Today there are numerous selling pups’ companies from where one can walk in and look for any breed of pup for whatever reason that they need it…

Compare Breeds – Use the Best Pup

When selecting a puppy, it is important to get one that defines your character and makes your experience of owning one all that and more. There are several breeds for you to choose from and it is for this reason that it is ideal to carry out some comparison between some of the well known breeds in order to end up with one that compliments your needs to perfection…

Main Steps To Buy a Puppy in Ireland

Puppies are good companions and they should therefore be given the respect they deserve. However, for some people, a puppy is just an animal that shouldn’t be given too much attention. If you have one of two family members who hold such views about puppies, then bringing one into your home will be the mother of all battles…


Dog care broadly comprises of nutrition, proper exercise, grooming of the coat, ears and eyes, teeth, paws, and nails, bathing, vet visits and vaccinations, and training. The coat should be properly brushed or trimmed as per the length of hair to make it tangle free or prevent it from matting…


Some newbie dog lovers probably nearly faint when they here it for the first time – but for some breeds and some households it is strongly recommended to crop the tails of the dogs. Why? And what are the risks if your pet is injured even by a vet?


Gifting puppies can be very enticing particularly for people who adore them and want to share them, but everyone is not ready to receive them as gifts. So, it should properly be evaluated beforehand as to whether the puppy owner have the desire, time, ability, and the money to care for the dog over the next 10 to 20 years…


Understanding puppy sounds is imperative as that is the only way one can maintain a good relationship and make it an admirable family pet. Puppies have their own stave their own style of communication by using their tail, body and even smells…

The Largest Dogs In the World

Saint Bernard Dog was bred for rescue missions in mountain passes earlier. It is a huge dog, standing in from 27 to 35 inches at the withers. It can weigh anywhere between 73 to 117 kg. This is a very friendly and loyal breed…

The Smallest Dogs In the World

Chihuahua is believed to be the world smallest dog breed. These dogs weigh around 6 pounds and are 6 to 9 inches high. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 18 years. They have a varied coat type. Chihuahua is an intelligent and an obedient dog and requires less grooming and exercise…

Irish Dog Training

In Irish dog training, many people ask exactly where to train their puppies in Ireland. The first thing to find is an accommodation venue. In various cities like Dublin there are complexes that welcome dogs into these premises without restrictions…

Typical Dogs Meals

So you have got a puppy and now you are half way through to the nearest store to feed your puppy! Here is a small guide for a newbie trying to feed his puppy!

Clothes for dogs | Fashion or Necessity

Some people feel that clothes on dogs are adorable, but others take it more of a necessity. The latter ones are believed to be women primarily. Particularly dog owners, who live in colder climates, be it year round or seasonal should be spending a little money on dog clothes…

How to protect puppy from being stolen

Many puppies are being lost or stolen in recent days. The best any dog owner can do is to attach identification and license tags on the dog’s collar or harness. Generally, it is recommended that the dog’s name not to be included on the ID tag, as it serves to give a pet thief more control over your dog…

Coonhound Dog: Smart, Intelligent and Helpful

This breed is not very spread in many districts around the globe and has been considered as purely “hunting” breed for many years. But these days it is seen more and more frequently on the backyards of regular people: Why?

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Mans Best Friend


1: any puppy offered for sale must be 8 weeks or older.
2: you should be shown a veterinary certificate of vaccination.
3: always ask when your pup was last wormed and his current diet.
4: Your pup should be microchipped
5: your pup should appear healthy, alert and with good body condition
6: you should have your pup checked by a vet within 48hrs of purchase.
7: If you suspect your pup of being unwell you should contact the breeder/veterinary surgeon immediately.

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