Choosing pup: Basset Hound or Doberman; Newfoundland and Shih Tzu

Puppies have that gracious look that makes one to endear to them. They also have beautiful tender hair and are just fine when held. They do not make demands and can prove to be worthy companions in the house. There are many cross breeds that have been developed to improve a given set of traits in dogs. The decision to have one in the house might be easy and agreeable. The only thing that might prove to be an uphill task is choosing pup that fits your preference.

Choosing your pup

Choosing pup needs careful considerations before one arrives to the right pup. In fact, one should first visualize the kind of pup one needs before settling for a specific puppy. Dogs have a lifespan and soon the puppy grows into a mature dog. Choosing pup in other words enjoying the dogs young features as you await to enjoy its company in the near future as an adult dog. However we have experienced some scam pups ads from pseudo-breeders. Here are some of the factors one should consider before choosing pup.

• Personality: Dogs have personalities just as humans have. Some personality traits are genetic and would be determined by the dog breed while others are individually natured by the dog. The personality of the puppy would rarely change. This calls you to choose a puppy whose personality suits your need. One might want a quiet puppy with a humble personality while another would want a cheerful puppy with a lot of vibrancy. A puppy with a preserved personality is unlikely to enjoy runs and evening playing sessions. A good dog should however be the one that can adapt quickly and learn new tricks.

• The dogs breed: At times questions such as; which is a better breed? Is it Basset Hound or Doberman? At times, you find yourself for instance comparing Newfoundland and Shih Tzu. The breed of the puppy you choose is very essential. The present physical features of a puppy would dominate its future look. One should also research the size of the puppy when it is a fully-grown dog.
The age by which one adopts the dog is also very essential. Adopting very young puppy might be traumatizing to the puppy and would take time to adapt. This can also be said to big puppies too attached to their present environment.

Common breeds to check out

There are hundreds of breeds one can choose from. Some are perfect beauty canines while others are meant for security. The following comparison might be a proper guideline when choosing pup.

The Newfoundland and Shih Tzu
The Newfoundland puppy is from big, extremely calm and loyal breed of dogs. It is good with children and can be trained to a water lifesaver due its strength. Shih Tzu is very small puppies with soft and long and free flowing hair. The eyes are dark and they have short muzzles.

Is it Basset hound or Doberman?

Basset Hood puppy has large drooping ears. They are known to be friendly and good managers of temper. In fact, they do not get angry to attack when provoked. This is a completer opposite of the Doberman dogs. They are fearless and vicious. They are very protective and can be trained for security.