Choosing Pup | Breeds’ Comparison

When selecting a puppy, it is important to get one that defines your character and makes your experience of owning one all that and more. There are several breeds for you to choose from and it is for this reason that it is ideal to carry out some comparison between some of the well known breeds in order to end up with one that compliments your needs to perfection. In this regard, you ought to consider the following.

German shepherd or Golden Retriever | Great Dane or Greyhound

There different breeds of pups in the world today. This makes it hard for people in need of pups, as they go through a hard time trying to get the right one to rear. Among the common breeds of dog, which many people find confusing, are the Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, Labradoodle, Labrador, German shepherd and Golden Retriever. Many people find choosing among these dogs challenging especially when one want a dog with certain traits and personalities.

When shopping for a puppy, one of the options at your disposal is picking a German shepherd or a Golden Retriever. Before making you pick on either of these, it is important to look at each independently in order to ensure you make an informed choice.

• German shepherd
For starters, this is a family dog and it needs to be brushed at least once every week. It is laid back and while this is the case, it loves attention and always wants to be close to people. Whenever it senses trouble, it can be very protective and while it is not a loud barker, it tends to bark in its sleep and also gets aggressive when in close proximity with another barking dog. It loves running and while this is the case, there are instances when it prefers to stay at home.

• Golden Retriever
This sturdy dog is medium sized with a broad skull and straight muzzle. It is lovable, well mannered and intelligent. They are also known to have great charm and they are always eager to please masters and as such, obedience is never a problem. They have little and in some instances, no guarding instincts because they are friendly with everybody including other dogs.
This is another option at your disposal and it is ideal to look at the distinct aspects that set one apart from another.

• Great Dane
This is a domestic dog and it comes in numerous colors such as black, black and tan and brown. It has a dense and short coat, needs minimum shedding and grooming. It is always alert, detached and it is good with children. It is also ranked among the working breed.

• Greyhound
This is primarily known for hunting prowess and as such, it is ideal for racing and coursing game. It is an intelligent and gentle breed that gets easily attached to its owner. It can either be black, blue or grey in color. It has a fine coat and requires frequent grooming, is quite and very responsive.

With these facts, it should be easy to select a puppy that measures up to your expectations and needs.

Making the right choice of a pup requires you to have the necessary information. This will guide you in choosing a dog that will serve the purpose you want. It will also guide you in differentiating the different breeds of dogs available.