Choosing Pup: Jack Russell and Kerry Blue; Labradoodle or Labrador

There different breeds of pups in the world today. This makes it hard for people in need of pups, as they go through a hard time trying to get the right one to rear. Among the common breeds of dog, which many people find confusing, are the Jack Russell, Kerry Blue, Labradoodle and Labrador. Many people find choosing among these dogs challenging especially when one want a dog with certain traits and personalities.

– Jack Russell
This dog is the best option for any new who want a dog to give them a charming companionship. This is because this dog is quick to learn tricks and can run with agility. It is a dog with many qualities, which makes it an ideal dog for the family. However, it requires patience from the owner and devotion of their time to train it. It can be a good companion when you go jogging especially when it is grown fully. This dog has a lot of energy, which enables it to do many activities. The dog can run, jump and fetch. Thus, the dog requires about thirty to forty minutes of vigorous exercising.

– Kerry Blue
Kerry blue is another dog that many people thinks is from the southwestern part of County Kerry in Ireland. This is not true. This dog breed is from south central part of Ireland in Tippery. It was kept for purposes of controlling rabbits, foxes, badgers, hares, otters, among other v ermines. Later, this dog became of great use in doing other jobs such as herding sheep and cattle, guarding the home, among others. Today, this dog is used in various parts of the world not just as a companion, but a working dog as well. It has won crufts, which are the most important shows for dogs in the UK and it also remains the most fashionable dog breed. Kerry Blue is a strong-headed dog that is highly spirited. It is always loyal and affectionate towards its owner.

– Labradoodle
Labradoodle is a hybrid dog. It is born when Miniature or standard poodle is crossed with Labrador retriever. Because Labradoodle is a hybrid and not a breed, it consistently has characteristics, which can be predicted. Majority of these dogs have desired traits with their behavioral and appearance characteristics remaining. This dog can have wiry or soft hair, it can be straight, curly or even wavy. It is a very intelligent dog and easy to train. It finds pleasure in learning and always seeks commands.

– Labrador
Labrador is of two types. There is that American Labrador and the English Labrador. They have different general appearance. The English Labrador has thicker, heavier and blockier appearance. The American Labrador is lanky and tall. This dog breed is loyal, patient and shows affection towards the owner. This makes it a good family dog. It is also highly intelligent and always eager to please its owner. It is also very willing to play with lively temperament. Its friendly nature makes it a good companion for man even children. This dog breed wants to always feel that they are part of the human family.

Making the right choice of a pup requires you to have the necessary information. This will guide you in choosing a dog that will serve the purpose you want. It will also guide you in differentiating the different breeds of dogs available.