Dogs Fears: Top 5

Things to avoid while with your dogMan’s best friends are usually kept by many these days not only for protection purposes but also as a reliable companion. Dogs therefore also have feelings due to the affection showered on them by their respective keepers. They have come to develop phobias most of which may be caused by external influences whilst other are just habitually bred by their keepers.

Five of the top most fears exhibited by dogs include:

1. Astraphobia

Also referred to as fear of thunder, this fear tends to vary between different dogs. There are the few that might consider thunder mild and so their fears may not be vivid. There are also the majority that may be scared stiff forcing them to display certain traits. Most of the dogs would exhibit flattened ears, tucked tail, hiding during the time and even display other extra ordinary traits that would never portray normally. The smart dogs usually tend to detect the thunderstorms well in advance thus taking cover or even portraying queer habits few minutes before the actual storm.

2. Loud Blasts

Just like the natural blasts made by the thunder storms, any thing similar like fireworks also tend to instill fear in to certain dogs. Being that the fireworks are usually as a result of human doing, the dogs may be made to get used to the blasts. Severe fears may also be managed by the respective managerial techniques advised by the veterinaries. There are also the different sedatives that may be used to try and manage the fear levels of some of the most affected dogs.

3. Separation Anxiety

This may also be referred to as fear of being left home alone. Many of the dogs that exhibit this trait usually become destructive as soon as their owners leave them all by themselves. They would therefore resort to pacing round the home irrespective of what it is that they happen to knock over or disposition. This may be curbed through either resorting to occasionally leave them alone or even nurturing better habits of letting them lay low while the owners leave.

4. Veterinarian

Of all the fears this always proves to be the most severe. Most of the dogs tend to exhibit refrains of sorts once within such vicinities due to the change of surroundings and forms of handling. Containing the fear may therefore basically involve the owner having to make uncalled for stops by the veterinarian once in a while to try and make them get used to the surroundings.

5. Strangers

This is usually considered ideal by home owners may result in damages being done. A fearful dog tends to exhibit even harmful reactions that may cause harm to the cause of fear. Such dogs should therefore be made to socialize more with people to avoid them picking on men especially. This may have been a due to a male stranger having attacked it before thus its developing such phobia.

All dogs tend to have even much worse fears some of which may be in born while others caused by their surroundings.