Titanic Crash. Unbelievable Dogs Survival Story.

The sinking if the Titanic was one of the most tremendous boat accidents to have ever occurred. The people on the ship who survived the wreckage told stories that would astound anyone. The survival was an act of God that is what many people said. This is because out of the over two thousand passengers on board only less than half survived. The survivors have commemorated the tragic occurrence ever since the accident by telling the unique encounters of how they managed to survive.

These stories have captured many people and many wonder how the people could possibly survive that horrible accident. The greatest of all the stories is the survival encounter of pets onboard. It is clear that there were two dogs of a variant breeds that managed to make onto the lifeboats and survived. At first during the voyage, there were nine dogs. Out of the nine dogs, only two of the pets survived. The story of survival of the two has kept people talking fro a long time. The story is even a great source of inspiration to the dog lovers.

It is not clear how the two made their way into the rafts. Many indicate that the pets followed their owners to the lifeboats. This is in the process of looking for the people. In the pandemonium that had engraved the whole boat the dogs were also included into the boats.

The breed of dogs that survived the wreckage are the Pomeranian and Pekinese breed. The two dogs got on the boat that was for the women and children. Sources say that the two dogs belonged to passengers on the first class. Many pets were onboard were for the passengers. The sad thing is that many of the pets did not survive the accident and ended up perishing in the water.

This is what makes the survival of the two breed of dogs even more interesting. The dogs were fortunate enough to survive the boat accident. The Titanic also had inclusion of by many dog kennels. It is also that there was supposed to be a dog show on the boat before the boat capsized.

It is also not clear if the owner of the dog saved the Pekinese breed. The two dogs are the only ones to have survived on the boat. There are other people who state that the number of dogs that survived on the boat were more than two. There are people who say there were three dogs that survived the accident. The versions of the stories are many but what is clear is that the two breed of the dogs actually survived.

The story signifies the great tenacity of the dog. They are unique creatures that are composed of strong mental power. They are of great value to people as some of the people are those who saved their pets. The dogs also show the relationship between the pets and there owners. This is evident as the dogs went to look for their owners in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean.