Owners of Alsatian dogs: Who they are and where do they live

The one and only father of the Alsatian breed of dogs since time immemorial was one Mr. Max Von Stephanitz. He had his origins back in Germany. Through him, came the existence of the canine breeds found in present life.

During his time he acquired his knowledge from the college he had been studying in Berlin. Being a veterinary institution, he got to acquire lots of knowledge concerning the breeds. It is with this knowledge that he thought it wise to nurture the breed he wished to have. He allocated all his time and resources to achieving this goal. He knew it was not going to be easy but he had to try if he was to succeed. There were the European dogs at that time that he most admired. This attraction saw him attend several shows where their owners would showcase them. Most of the existing ones were used majorly for work. But there was no common breed that could be said to surpass the rest. He therefore sought to look for a particular breed which he would later use to create one of a kind.

It was while searching that the perfect breed was sported. He purchased it at first sight and that was the beginning of the generations of the perfect companion breeds found in modern world. He formed a foundation that was going to devote all its time and resources to the creation of the breed. The foundation had already had a booster. This was because of the mere fact that Stephanitz had all the knowledge on what it was that they would be nurturing. The major economical activity that they required the dogs for would primarily be herding their flocks. The foundation therefore got the services of other experts from relevant fields. With their joint brains and efforts, they resorted to get to work and come up with the ultimate breed.
It was not long before the locality within which the founder resided came to be known as the breeders. They sorted different breeds of this canine and embarked on seeking the required traits. The breeding culture was then passed on through their generations that came after. Though the breed was to serve one purpose, it was made to be able to indulge in other tasks. This was possible because the loyal trait that it had been bred to have. Whichever field of duty that it was employed to assist, it displayed exemplary results.

The foundation is said to be the best of its kind. Even after the passing on of its founders, it never ceased to produce even more modified breeds. Be it as it may, as time goes by, there rises the need for better modified breeds. Many of the special breeds are in use all over the world. Just like the founder would have wished during his time, his creation has achieved his intended purpose. Even in absentia, his standardization works have yielded the desired results. This is not just within his intended boundary but far beyond his wildest of imaginations.