The Most Popular Dogs’ breeds In Ireland

Ireland is a country which has got a relatively low population just like the United Kingdom, however it is one of the most popular dog search destination for several people across the globe. Currently, it ranks as the second highest dog search destination in the world per capita. Ireland is also placed at a closer geographical proximity to the UK making them to have most of their dog breeds almost similar. However, there are some significant little differences. Here are some of the most popular dog breeds in Ireland.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

This breed is the most popular dog breed in Ireland currently with an appearance in about 1,600 searches monthly. Yorkshire terrier in Ireland also known as ‘Yorkie’ is a breed which originally came from Israel. It is small and toy shaped with a small flat head. It has got V-shaped ears with a glossy and silky coat that falls straight down on the sides of the body. Weighing seven pounds, this breed prefers being indoors and very sensitive to cold.  With a life expectancy of between 212 to fifteen years, these little dogs only prefer small walk around the yard and cannot be able to withstand long walks. They are more kept as pets in the house.


  1. The German Shepherd

This is very strong dog which has got a sturdy, muscular elongated body. It has got dark almond shaped eyes and ears which are wide at the base and pointed upright. The German shepherd also has a bushy tail. The thighs are thick and sturdy, well fit for the outdoors that they are fond of. It weighs between 77 to 85 pounds and has got a life expectancy of up to thirteen years. Just like the name suggests, the German shepherd is a good keeper and can be used in keeping away strangers while at the same time guarding the home.


  1. The Beagle

Commonly known as the English Beagle, this dog breed is a sturdy little dog which looks like a miniature. It has got a dome shaped skull with a body which is squarely built. The dog has got brown large eyes which are all set apart and long wide hanging ears.  Its tail is one feature which makes it very distinct; it is not curled over the back like in other breeds. This dog weighs 22 to 25 pounds and mostly like apartments. They are active indoors and prefer small yards. Its life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years. Though small, this breed is very energetic and needs daily exercises to keep fit.


  1. Rottweiller

Also known as the butcher’s dog, this breed is has got a muscular and powerful body. It has got a broad head with round forehead. The a wide nose which is as black as the lips while its eyes are almond-shaped and dark. It’s very calm but courageous and can easily be trained to conduct various duties. It weighs between 95 to 130 pounds with a life expectancy period of about 12 years. This breed can be very inactive indoors and prefers outdoor most of the times.