Tips for Choosing Healthy Puppy

Now that you have decided to get a four legged friend and live happily ever after, how do you ensure that you pick the right one? I’m not insinuating that you should actually date a dog to determine if you are compatible for each other. If you want the “happily ever after” part to come to pass then you have got to get yourself a healthy puppy. Health is an important factor in determining whether the relationship will work. I’m sure you do not want a dog with rabies attacking your family in the middle of the night, do you?  Sow how do you go about selecting the bundle of joy that is your new puppy? Below are a few tips.

Check the head

You do not have to do a CT scan; all you need is to give the puppy a physical examination. This will give you an indication of its health. You should touch the puppy’s nose and ensure that it is cool and damp. It should not have nasal discharge. Disgusting right? Well, no one said it was going to be easy. Next stop, the gums. If the puppy has bright pink gums then you are good to go. But if the gums are pale you should probably run. Pale gums could be an indication that the little tot is suffering from anemia or has worms. Once this is sorted, you need to check the eyes. Look out for white spots or lines on the eyes.  The puppy could just be going blind. If you carried it you would probably have to get it a Seeing Eye dog.  Any indications of white spots or lines could mean that the puppy has congenital cataracts or retained fetal membranes. Last but not least, you should examine the ears. If by any chance the ear canals have a pungent smell or a wax build up then the puppy could have an infection.

Check the Body

You should carefully examine the puppy’s body to ensure that everything is alright. A sturdy, compact body that is proportional is a good sign. Remember to be realistic about it you are not recruiting a body builder so do not expect it to have a six pack and a split chest. If the puppy has a swollen belly it could be a sign that it has worms. Examine the genitals too. Don’t be shy. It won’t bite you but do be gentle. The genitals should be free from any irritation. If you detect some irritation, don’t panic, it’s not an STD. It could be caused by worms, a digestive disorder or diarrhea, so don’t hold it for too long.

Check the Coat

Ensure that the puppy is sparkling clean before you buy it. Check the coat to ensure that it does not have any unusual spots. They could be an indication of an allergy or skin problem.

Check on its Behavior

You should watch the puppy for some time before taking it home with you. You do not want to carry a thug home with you. A healthy puppy should be lively and energetic. If it’s too aggressive, run for the hills.