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Listings for Labradoodle Puppies in Ireland (0)

Labradoodle is a hybrid dog. It is born when Miniature or standard poodle is crossed with Labrador retriever. Because Labradoodle is a hybrid and not a breed, it consistently has characteristics, which can be predicted. Majority of these dogs have desired traits with their behavioral and appearance characteristics remaining. This dog can have wiry or soft hair, it can be straight, curly or even wavy. It is a very intelligent dog and easy to train. It finds pleasure in learning and always seeks commands.

Sorry, no listings were found.

Mans Best Friend


1: any puppy offered for sale must be 8 weeks or older.
2: you should be shown a veterinary certificate of vaccination.
3: always ask when your pup was last wormed and his current diet.
4: Your pup should be microchipped
5: your pup should appear healthy, alert and with good body condition
6: you should have your pup checked by a vet within 48hrs of purchase.
7: If you suspect your pup of being unwell you should contact the breeder/veterinary surgeon immediately.

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