Protecting the Consumer

PROTECTING THE CONSUMER are interested in protecting you the consumer. Gopups is the only site advertising dogs on the internet that has the backing of the professional veterinary, industry and government bodies. Through our extensive work within this industry we feel we are best placed among all others to protect you and ensure you find your perfect healthy happy  pet.

Many sites and agencies suggest you see a puppy with its mother or father, this in our opinion does not provide adequate protection, they suggest not buying from puppy farmers, backyard breeders, but they forget to mention how the consumer might identify this person. Gopups are very clear on this issue, reputable breeders produce healthy pups, Veterinary surgeons certify if they are fit for sale. Consumers legal recourse is through veterinary surgeons. We recommend you only buy a dog with signed Veterinary certification, Gopups gives you our guarantee we will regulate our advertisers by these same standards, at any point we can demand veterinary evidence that this advertiser is a licensed and reputable breeder with HEALTHY DOGS. Failure to comply could result in immediate removal of both the advert and the banning of that advertiser from Any advertiser placing more than five adverts will be asked for this information automatically. We reserve the right to ask for further detailed veterinary evidence should we deem it necessary. The onus is on you.