Before you buy an Alsation puppy read a few facts from the history of thee wonderful breed. The Alsatian Breed of dogs came from Germany and is quite an old breed dating back to 1700’s. German Shepherd and Deutscher Schaferhund are other variants of its name. The dog was named after the German- French border of Alsace-Lorraine. This is a strong muscular dog with a long body. The colours of this breed of dogs are generally black, tan, grey, gold or all white. Alsatian Dogs are disease prone as trauma, infection, immune system abnormalities, genetic factors and degenerative conditions are some of the common states found in this breed. Some of the more health problems that they face include Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Skin disease, Congenital Heart disease, von Willebrand’s (bleeding of the joints internally), bloat, Panosteitis and Ear infections. An Alsatian lives for and average of 12-14 years. This breed belongs to the herding group ie. they are used to perform tasks relating to herding of livestock as they can easily leap, run, and nip at the animals they are herding. Their weather proof double Coat protects them from adverse weather conditions. The versatility of the breed and the agility has lead to it being used for various scent-work roles which include search and rescue, searching dead bodies, narcotics and explosives detection, and mine detection. They are well adept at these lines of work because of their quick sense of smell and their ability to work without distractions. Thus, they are well suited for sentry, and police work lately.

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