The origin of Bolognese can be attributed to Italy in the city of Bologna. They first gained popularity during the middle ages. It is a small dog with height not more than a foot. Rhyming with its physique, it yaps little and is a friendly and docile dog. Thus, they should be accustomed to people and noises at an early age. This breed is always white in color and resembles two other breed of dogs, the Bichon Frise and the Havanese. These are muscular dogs having an admirable physique. The long furry coat falls in locks, requires regular brushing and trimming to keep it neat and tangle free. Still, it is a light shedder, hence suitable for indoors. The life expectancy of the dog is 14-16 years. This breed is quite prone to Small Dog Syndrome, because of its size which causes many behavioral problems such as timidity, separation or anxiety in them. Proper exercise and daily walks can be a solution to any of these. Otherwise they do not face much health problems. Even though the breed is not very lively or active, they can act well as watchdogs as they are very alert on anything which is interesting and noticeable. This breed of dogs goes along well with other dogs or pets in the household and they are very affectionate towards their master.

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