The breed of Welsh Corgie originated in Wales comprise of two distinct breeds, the Pembroke Welsh Corgie and the Cardigan Welsh Corgie where Pembroke being the more common of them. Their soft and straight coat is weather-resistant which comes in red, fawn, sable or black and tan color. They also have white markings sometimes. Pembroke Welsh Corgis looks like a low set, strong and sturdily built dog without being big-boned and weighty while the Cardigan Corgi has an elongated tail, and is a larger breed of Corgie. One of the remarkable features in Corgie is that their ears are pointed at the tip. Pembrokes are less sociable as compared to Cardigans. Regular exercise and a good healthy diet makes a Corgie live on an average for 12-15 years. This type of breed is one of the very few breeds that can be used to herd geese. The Corgi is amazingly strong for its size as well as very quick and catching. Common health problems in them include spinal ailments and glaucoma. Welsh Corgis can also face obesity if they are overfed. Although Corgies can herd cattle very well, they are also used to herd sheep and Welsh ponies. Corgies have all the qualities of a good family pet. Welsh Corgies are among the healthiest dogs in the herding group and they have the longest life expectancy. Still, there are some diseases that this breed comes across. Majorly, they suffer from canine hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and canine degenerative myelopathy. Apart from them Pembroke Welsh corgis are prone to intervertebral disc disease, and epilepsy.

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