Comparing dog breeds and knowing which is right for you is quite the headache. Anyone can tell you how knowing the right breed is a selection nightmare. Every dog has his own personality and behavior. Too many become a nuisance because their owners are unwilling or unable to provide the training and care needed. It is important to do some research, compare dog breeds and select one that “fits” your purpose. Take some time, study and find characteristics that make your choice and informed decision.

The Bernese mountain dog is the kind that singles out one person in the household to be their best friend. They are loyal, devoted and eager to please you. They are gentle with children, and extremely intelligent. Because of their intelligence, they need a constant source of mental stimulation. They are usually not too fond of strangers. They are a shy bunch thus early socialization is important. Bernese Mountain Dogs may chase small animals around, but they are generally good with other animals.
They need regular walks. They tire easily, so they do not make particularly good jogging partners. This breed loves the outdoors, although this is limited to you being present. They always want to be part of the family and will require a lot of attention. Inside, they are usually rather calm. The Bernese is sufficiently protective of the members of its family, and it may not bark unnecessarily, but it will sense a stranger’s presence, so it is a good watchdog.

They are slow to mature. The younger Bernese Mountain Dogs are active, and the older ones are rather mellow, though they still take an interest in what’s going on around them. In short, this is a devoted breed that loves to be involved.