Boxers came from Germany in the 19th century. The ancestors to this breed were the Mastiff and the Bulldog. They can be found in both fawn and brindle colors. A Boxer is a medium-sized, square-built dog with short back and strong limbs. It has an alert expression and has a steadfast and tractable temperament. During the old times, this breed of dogs was involved in dog fighting, bull baiting, cart pulling and as cattle dogs to catch hold of the livestock. Its coat is smooth and short haired which doesn’t shed much. Normally, Boxers are energetic dogs, intelligent, and respond well to training. Some of the major health issues faced by them are cardiomyopathy, sub aortic stenosis, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, and thyroid. They are more prone to tumors as compared to other breeds. This breed may drool and snore at times. Some White Boxers face deafness. Boxers are very sensitive to temperature as they get over heated or chilled very quickly. They can prove as excellent guard dogs due to their muscular and intimidating appearance. This breed is developed to serve as guard and is suitable for police work and rescue operations. Deliberate and cautious with strangers, the breed exhibits curiosity. However, it responds promptly to friendly overtures.

we have two female and four male boxer pups for sale.their father is reigistered,however their mother is not.both the parents can be seen with the […]
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