The origins of the Bulldog owe to the British Isles. A Bulldog is known for their loose-jointed, shuffling sidewise gait and massive, short-faced head and short legs. In the earlier times, a bulldog was used to bait the bull as they were very aggressive, ferocious and courageous. A medium-sized dog with adorable wrinkles, a Bulldog could be brindle, white, red, fawn, or fallow in color. Bulldogs are recognized as remarkable family pets because of their tendency to form strong bonds with children and the family. They depict very gentle and protective traits. Minimal grooming and exercise is required for them. The short nose on the face of the Bulldog makes the animal prone to overheating in warm weather. Younger Bulldogs are full of energy, but their energy level falls as they grow older. They snore very loudly, most have drool, and are mostly messy eaters. A Bulldog has an average life span of 8 years. They are quite prone to breathing problems. This breed of dogs has poor eyesight and they are very susceptible to heat stroke in warm weather. These puppies are often delivered by caesarian section since they have broad heads. Thus, birth defects are common. Moreover, they can have severe skin infections, hip and knee problems. Also, they are prone to flatulence, so they should not be fed any other type of food other than their regular dog food.


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