Collies have existed as herding dogs in Scotland and England for centuries. Collies are clearly marked with a lean wedge-shaped head. The coat of a Collie can be rough or smooth and is mostly sable and white, tri-color, or blue merle and white. The collies, which have a rough hard textured coat, need extra attention and care as compared to smooth collies as it is very filthy and sheds mud quite often, so regular cleaning and brushing is needed to keep them looking good and healthy. These dogs have a long tail and small feet. The neck is very strong and rigid attributing to the power of the dogs’ breed. They coat is covered with mane falling around their neck and chest. Collies are highly sensitive though polite, quick, and sharp minded dogs. Collies face many health problems. PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) is a stage where the retinal cells start dying at a faster rate. PRA is observed in dogs who suffer genetic disorders and it leads to loss of vision in them. Moreover, there are diseases like Eye Anomaly, grey Collie syndrome (which is a kind of neutropenia), Dermatomyositis and gastric torsion. The nose of a Collie is very sensitive to sun. Besides all these, this breed also faces problems like hip dysplasia which can lead to arthritis. Collies are majorly adept at herding and search and rescue activities.