The Dachshund is a native of Germany. In popular culture it goes by the nickname the sausage dog.
It was primarily bred for hunting/ snooping and is the only dog breed that is known to hunt both under ground and on surface.
It has a long, muscular body, short stubby legs and a broad chest that keeps it going while it is on the hunt, a loose fitting skin that ensures that it does not tear whilst burrowing beneath tunnels and a broad snout for sniffing out its quarry.
The Dachshund is classified according to its coat – there is the short haired, the long haired, and the wire haired. A fully-grown Dachshund will weigh between 6 – 13kg whilst a miniature variety of the Dachshund will weigh some 5 kgs.
The mutt’s most common color is red with black and tan being frequent amongst this breed.