Pointers or the English Pointers first appeared in England around 1650 and were among the first ones used to stand game. The Pointer was developed by breeding with the Italian Pointer, foxhound, Bloodhound, Greyhound, Newfoundland, Setter and the Bulldog. The name of the breed is derived from the act of the dog standing motionless when he spots his game as if he is straightly pointing at it. Earlier, Pointers were used to find hare for the Greyhound to hunt before hunting began to be done by the use of guns. They can be very helpful for scent-work. These dogs are very agile and can cover a lot of ground in less time, hence used to shoo away birds. They are not suitable in water as they are bad swimmers. Like some of the other breeds, this breed is also sensitive to cold. Inadequate mental or physical exercise can make them restless, highly-strung and distractible and they can become neurotic and destructive. Hence, t adequate exercise is required for them to qualify as good family pets. They need a strong- willed master, otherwise they can depict behavior issues. The average life expectancy of this breed is about 13-14 years.