German Pointer is believed to be a descendant of different types of German hunting scent dogs and trail and track dogs, such as the Old Spanish Pointer, German Bird Dog, Bloodhound and the Foxhound. A vigilant breed, a versatile hunter and a gun dog, the German Pointer possesses outstanding scenting power and they are an intelligent breed. Some of the talents include trailing, retrieving, and pointing various animals. It is a medium-sized breed, and can be solid liver or liver and white in color. This breed loves to be in the company of humans and does not respond well if left unattended. Thus some German pointers are known to have escaped if bored. They have a keen desire to please their owners and thus can be easily trained. They are a sensitive, responsive and are innately intelligent. This breed is a more than average shedder, thus they should be carefully kept indoors. However, they are voracious, fearless creatures and can jump any fence that is less than 6 feet tall. This breed is usually a healthy breed but some are face health issues such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hermaphrodism and lymphedema. Some minor concerns which come across them are CHD, entropion, gastric torsion, VWD, pannus, OCD. These are great show dogs, retrievers, trackers and hunters. If sufficiently exercised, this breed lives on an average of 13-15 years.