When shopping for a puppy, one of the options at your disposal is picking a German shepherd or a Golden Retriever. Before making you pick on either of these, it is important to look at each independently in order to ensure you make an informed choice.

For starters, this is a family dog and it needs to be brushed at least once every week. It is laid back and while this is the case, it loves attention and always wants to be close to people. Whenever it senses trouble, it can be very protective and while it is not a loud barker, it tends to bark in its sleep and also gets aggressive when in close proximity with another barking dog. It loves running and while this is the case, there are instances when it prefers to stay at home.

There are a couple of things you need to note about German shepherd.

• Quick Facts: Weights 60 to 85 pounds
• Height: 23 to 25 inches
• It ideal for energetic people, disciplinarians and active families.
• They are protective, eager and loyal.