This Mastiff is of Italian origin. It has a large, heavy square head with a distinguishable stop between the eyes. The eyes are medium sized, brown to dark hazel eyes and are set wide apart. The prominent feature of this breed is excessive loose skin and wrinkling on its head and face. It is a huge dog which needs lot of food. This breed should be adequately socialized right since their birth. Like other dogs, this breed proves to be an active guard of family and property though not very yappy. One of the positives for it to be a family pet is that it does not show behavioral troubles even if under exercised. They can be grey, blue, or black in color. The average weight of a Mastiff is about 50-75 kgs and is 65-75 cms in height. It is drools extensively and tends to snore a lot while sleeping. This breed rebels hot weather. It survives well in moderate to cool weather and prefers to live close to the family. Training should be imparted to them in a consistent manner. Mastiffs are very prone to hip dysplasia, bloating in which the stomach twists and blocks food from passing through the intestines, and gastric torsion. This leads to serious health issues and which can even prove to be fatal. Then, this breed is also prone to eye problems, and hypothyroidism. The average lifespan of a mastiff is 10-12 years.