The Rottweiler is a descendant of the Italian Mastiff. The dog has been named on the German town of Rottweil where it was used as a herder dog. The dog has triangular ears which makes it distinguishable from other breeds. They have a glossy coat which is black with rusty patches. German Rottweiler is shorter as compared to an American Rottweiler. Earlier during the middle Ages, the dog was used as a guard, messenger, draught dog, and for sentry work since it is an intelligent and an enduring breed. It does not respond very quickly on any external environmental influences and has a laid-back attitude. The coat is black in color with marks of rust or mahogany. This dog should be socialized well otherwise it could turn to be disobedient. The dog has a challenging temperament, so it should be properly exercised to prevent it from being destructive. The Rottweilers should be kept busy and engrossed as they respond positively to stimulating tasks and activities. They are fierce when it comes to protecting their family as they are very devoted animals. This breed is quite prone to ACL damage, hip dysplasia and also, entropion (squeezing of the slit between the eyelids). Snoring is also found in this breed as a negative health factor. They live on an average for about 10-12 years. The breed has outstanding talents which include, they being good as trackers, watchdogs, search and rescue, for military work, blind and carting.



8 Rottweiler pups for sale (3 males and 5 females). They are from champion bloodlines and beautifully marked and also with a great temperament. Would […]
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