English Sheepdog is believed to have been originated in the 19th century in England, and is a descendant of the two breeds namely, Scotch Bearded Collie and the Russian Owtchar. It has a square build and possesses great strength. It is an athletic animal very high on energy. Earlier, the dog like other dogs were mainly involved in herding sheep and cattle into major city markets. The breed was nicknamed Bobtail due to their short tail. It has a beautiful and profuse coat. The dog has a characteristic gait which seems to be shuffling as it walks. The English Sheep dog enjoys working and can be seen in conformation, agility, obedience, and herding rings today. There exercise schedule should be properly watched as they consume a lot of energy in their activities since they like being busy or involved on one thing or the other. The coat is not very hard to groom given it is of normal standard texture. The breed lives on an average of 12 years.