Spitz breeds are found in a many countries. Among the various kinds of German Spitz breeds are the Wolfspitz or the Keeshond; Giant; Medium; Miniature; Toy Spitz or the Pomeranian breed. Then, there is also a Japanese breed of Spitz dogs called Akita Inu. The Italian Spitz is known as the Volpino Italiano. The Spitz is believed to have originated from the Arctic regions. The Spitz breed usually has a long, thick, and white fur, with pointed muzzles and tipped ears with a slightly curled tail. The Spitz breed is developed by mating Spitz with wolves to achieve the wolf-like appearance of the breed. Like other dogs, these also helped humans in herding and hunting activities during the earlier times. The Spitz is a smart, intelligent, and a quick witted dog, known for its agility and obedience. Many a times, it has proven to be a shrewd watchdog. This breed is not at all difficult to train. Spitz dogs are well adaptable to harsh northern climates. This is due to their insulating, waterproof undercoat which is denser than the topcoat which helps in trapping warmth. The breed does not suffer any major health concerns.