The origin of Terriers is highly debatable. However, most terrier breeds is believed to have developed in Great Britain and Ireland. The Rat Terrier is also known as the American Rat Terrier, the Decker Giant, and the Feist. Terrier dogs greatly vary in size and appearance from large rough coated Airedale Terrier to small, light bodied, smooth coated dogs such as the West Highland White Terrier. Most terriers have wiry coats that need special grooming in the form of stripping in order to maintain a distinct appearance. The ancestors of terriers today were mainly involved in hunting and killing vermin. The Terrier proves to be an amazing family pet if sufficiently exercised. It has a sharp memory, and is sociable, playful, fearless and a hard working dog. They are outstandingly easy to train, and they love to learn new tricks. They always wish to please their owners. These terriers also get along well with children and other dogs if properly socialized. These dogs also prove to be excellent watch dogs. These traits, combined with their intelligence, daily exercise, play, and mental stimulation makes it an adorable family pet. This breed love to dig, and their yard should be frequently spot checked for any signs of escape tunnels. This breed has an average life expectancy of more than 15 years, and is among the longest surviving breed.