Yorkshire Terriers are named on the English city of Yorkshire from which they originally hail. The Yorkie, as it is simply called was created in north England, who developed the breed for catching vermins. These hunting dogs could poke into the dwellings of badger and foxes. There coats are long and luxurious and are found in blue and tan colors. Yorkies are adaptable animals, very adaptive to the outside environment and thus make excellent pets. These are portable pooches and during earlier times, these were carried by queens in their purses as a fashion statement. Oblivious to their toy sized stature, they are very eager for adventure. This little dog is highly energetic, loyal, brave, and clever. Some Yorkshire Terriers are known to be prone to slipped stifle, bronchitis, eye infections, early tooth decay, poor tolerance of anaesthesia, and digestive problems. They may sometimes suffer from paralysis in the hindquarters caused by herniated disks. They also have brittle bones. They live for about 12-15 years. Regular grooming is needed for these animals. There coats need to be clipped and daily combing is required. Topknot is usually tied back to prevent hair falling on the eyes. They require limited exercise corresponding to their small size.