Beagles: How Friendly a Hunting Dog May Be to Children

Beautiful and well natured, the beagle is considered to be one of the most friendliest bred dogs in the world. Beloved by all, adults and children alike, the beagle is one of the most obedient and domestic of all dogs everywhere. The bad rap that beagles get comes from a deeply odd place. They don’t always seem to smile, like most people have said, which is why they are perceived as coming across looking like the bag guy, or in this case, the bad dog.

Golden retrievers are dogs that are constantly smiling, with their tongues hanging out, playing Frisbee with their owners in that happy go lucky sort of way. Collies share the same similar qualities, but beagles are highly intelligent and loners of their kind, they do love to play, but at the same time, enjoy their off hours and just relax and like their laid back environment. The true intelligence though comes from the fact that they do love children. They may not have the appropriate skill of being the best guard dogs like German Shepherds, but that doesn’t stop them from being super protective of the people living with them.

They are friendly dogs and they are really up for anything. These dogs never shy away from baths, or play time with children and adults, they love any moment given really that entails fun under the sun. The other reason why this misconception got started is because of food. Dogs want their meals when they want it. If they see a child getting a small treat, even if it is only for humans, they will try to snatch it away, any chance they get.

Dogs really love food, put that with beagles and their only once in a while haughty attitude, and you have a really aggressive state for a pooch. However, whenever you feed your pet on time and give him the love that he wants and, let’s face it, deserves, you will have one amazingly attentive and kid friendly doggie. The reason why they get a bit frisky when jealous of another person’s food is not a total outreach to get back at the owner for something, they are simply hungry. And being hungry can make us all do regrettable things. In the beagle’s case, however, they may take it out by barking aggressively in a ‘look at me’ sort of manner, but really, in the end of the day, they do mean well for you and your loved ones.

Another misconception is that they escape from home and don’t return because they cannot find their way back. In every shape and form, this is incorrect, because beagles have a wonderful sense of direction and would NEVER stray from their homes. These doggies love the house they were raised at and don’t wish harm to their household folk. Even if beagles do get lost, it is said that the kiddy love they share with children gives them the will to eventually return back home.