Clothes for dogs | Fashion or Necessity

Some people feel that clothes on dogs are adorable, but others take it more of a necessity. The latter ones are believed to be women primarily. Particularly dog owners, who live in colder climates, be it year round or seasonal should be spending a little money on dog clothes. The main purpose of dog clothes is to offer protection, warmth, and security to many pets.

Some people breed pets in the climates that certain dog breeds were never intended to be for. A dog that is made for warmer climates will definitely need more warmth if they live in colder climates. For animals that live in warmer climates, little lighter clothes may be needed. Also, Booties can help keep their feet warm and also help them from getting cuts and scrapes as well. Dog Booties not just help in winter months but also during the summer. Thorns, sharp rocks, bramble, and burning hot sand and pavement can hurt a dog’s feet during the summer. During the winter months, dogs can be cut by sharp ice and get ice and snow build up between their toes, making it painful for them to walk. The salt that is put on sidewalks sometimes proves to be a real problem for many dogs. Dog booties help to keep a dog’s feet free of cuts and burns. Long hair breeds will require a raincoat in rainy weather or even in winter climates. It will help keep their coats dry when going out for their daily exercise walk. Raincoats not only keep the dog dry but also helps keep the insides clean if your dog is an inside dog. A raincoat helps a lot towards saving clothing, carpets and furniture for the owner.

Short haired breeds bear greatly during the frost months. For example, Boston terrier has a comparatively thin skin and short fine coat, which provides poor protection to the winds in winter and low temperatures. Without some sort of security, the Boston terrier and dogs like them will suffer during the frosty weather. Therefore dog clothing is a necessity.

Also there are many who find the concept of clothing on dogs frivolous and ridiculous. They find it inappropriate and funny to see dogs walking around with stylish dog clothes. They find it unnecessary to clad pets in pieces of clothing thinking that it will just be a burden to them.

Like human clothing, fashion is an added feature to make the pet an enjoyable recreational activity. Fashion also contributes a lot in the beautifying the dog’s appearance. The different styles and colors will obviously make them look more adorable. They will simply be irresistible creatures. It will be a rewarding experience to see your pet walking around proudly with those fancy small dog clothes. Thus to sum up, dog clothing can be termed as both a fashion statement and a necessity but more of a necessity in terms of quantifying it. Men believe it to be fashion statement, while women being of a more caring nature consider it a necessity.