Coonhound: Calmest Dog in the World

If you are a dog lover, you will definitely love this unique breed as they are considered the calmest dogs globally. Before writing the article I actually thought that this was the breed of the dog that famous detective Columbo had (but later discovered that it was a Basset Hounds.. ooops!). These specific breeds are usually calm and are also known as mans best friend. Their calm nature makes them highly adorable and loved by many; they are the best to be used as pets. Most of the Redbone Coonhound breeds tend to be well proportioned, muscular and lean. Most of them also have the potential to grow up to 21-27 inches when they reach their maturity age and their height ranges from 50 to 70 pounds and are clustered as medium size dogs.

Coonhound breed are one of the most attractive pets that every individual should consider purchasing as there is a large color variety to choose from. Puppies of Coonhounds can be purchased in all the leading pet homes globally and come at different prices depending on the size you want.

Breed Colors

Many Coonhounds have a red coat and in some may even include white, whilst underneath, and others have a skin rich in red color which seem attractive to many. Others may also have traces of white complexion in their feet and chest. Indeed, there are 5 types of this breed according to their skin color, including the famous Bluetick Coonhound – educational video of which you may see below.


An interesting fact about this breed is that they are highly intelligent and have the ability to learn new things at an admirable speed. Training a Coonhound is not difficult and since they are usually calm, you can adapt the whole training

procedure by your self if you have the skills you wish to incorporate to your pet. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they have the ability to obey and respond to commands. This is an additional feature that

makes training them become a simple task.

However, if you want to get the best out of training your Coonhound, it is always advisable to seek for the best trainers as this gives you an advantage of having the most skilled puppy and a mature dog in the future. Most of the trainers have perfect skills of training this breed and full guarantee is offered; i.e. that you will eventually have a pet that can serve many purposes and help your life in a great deal. Coonhound trainers are easy to find at multiple online pet training companies and their services are fast and easily accessible by individuals.