Dogs Constitution and Its Types

A dog develops the traits it has from the type of relationship it shares with its owner. This may however vary with the natural traits that nature may have nurtured in it. In referring to the dogs’ constitution, it may not necessarily mean the rules governing the canine but the types of traits that they may have. Depending on its habitat, they are able to acquire varied traits. The traits may be natural or acquired.
There are numerous types of these canine pets. Majority of the pet owners usually keep their pets mainly for having them as companions. Being that the dogs vary in the different types, each may not serve the same purpose to their respective owners. There are a wide range of breeds each with its own unique features that make them suit the purposes they will put to task to do.
Foremost, there is the working and non – working breeds. The working may also be referred to as the sporting breeds. They tend to be agile and require that they be frequented outdoors just to let them have their peace of mind. They are preferred by the sporting fraternity who try to keep fit while challenging them to keep up with their pets’ agility rates. The non – sporting breeds however are usually kept for varying reasons. An owner may decide to teach their kids some thing about responsibility. Through the pets, their kids will have to take care of their individual pets and even go as far as teaching the pets how to obey commands. Some owners may also just decide to have their pets as companions within their homes. Through the pets, they would never worry about having to feel lonely. The German shepherd breed is one such like pet that would offer such assurances of a loyal companion.
There are also the breeds that usually are assigned special duties. Some of the duties may include the likes of herding other domesticated farm animals. There also those that will be specifically used for hunting while others for providing protection. These breeds are usually tough and fierce. Their traits are usually inherited from their likes but may be perfected by the owner under certain conditions. For instance, those meant to provide security may be locked up during the day and fed on special diets. This way, when they are put to task during the night, the owner may not have to worry about them not meeting his or her expectation.
Aside from the breeds mentioned earlier, there are also the ones that are kept for financial gains. They are normally employed in shows to be showcased as to how well they yield to commands and their unique tricks. There are also the rare breeds that are usually preferred by the handicapped. This would include the likes of the blind that would have their pets act as their guides. This way, having to move and fit in the normal day to day life would not be that much of a problem.