How Early Should Puppies be Going Out. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Owners of puppies who think their pets should stay away from going outside are deeply wrong. If your pup stays indoors for too long it will face the issue of the sense of deprivation – not having and hardly adopting to the surrounding that he will be living in. It will make your dog coward or cowardly aggressive, which is a way worse. This is why after the very first vaccines take your puppy out, carrying him in hands is necessarily, to show him or her around. The puppy needs to get acquainted with the street noises, lights and smells. But do not let me play with the other dogs till the quarantine period is over. When the quarantine period is over your pet may enjoy company of other young and mature dogs.

Do not prevent your pet from playing with friendly dogs but encourage to do so! Isolating your pup from dog’s company is like letting your child play on his own. Most of the dog breeds can’t stand loneliness. Meanwhile, remember – that it is the master who is the most important person in a dog’s life. Keep playing with your puppy as frequently as possible and you will be his or her best friend and company! There are dozen happy puppy owners – both first time and not only. As Mother Teresa once said:

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved”

Everybody will enjoy your pet, for there are not so many people who dare to house one. Remember about it and let your little cuddle happiness enjoy your friends and relatives!