How to protect puppy from being stolen

Many puppies are being lost or stolen in recent days. The best any dog owner can do is to attach identification and license tags on the dog’s collar or harness. Generally, it is recommended that the dog’s name not to be included on the ID tag, as it serves to give a pet thief more control over your dog. Rabies and license/registration tags are required by law in most municipalities.

A tattoo/microchip warning tag warns finders that your pet is permanently identified and gives them a central registry phone number to call. The social security number can be thus tattooed or the driver’s license number or purebred pet’s registration number inside the thigh or on the belly. Any such tattoos or microchips should be registered as an unregistered tattoo or microchip is useless.

Confine the pets. The safest place for them when is indoors. If the dog is to be left in a fenced yard, padlocks and chains should be placed high, such that the ground can’t be used as an added leverage for bolt cutters. The fence needs to be at least 6 feet high. An alarm/bell can be fitted to the gate so that visitors/trespassers entering the property could be heard.

The dog should never be kept off its chain or leash. Train the dog not to go out of sight on walks. An extending lead could be used if the dog does not comply. Walk times and routes should be varied so that the strangers might not be able to stalk.

The dog should never be left tied in public places while the owner goes in stores to shop. If the dog must go shopping with only the stores that allow the dog to enter should be visited or otherwise the dog should be left at home. A doggy door keeps the animal safe from wasps, snakes, and bees and thieves.
All pets should be spayed or neutered. This helps in makeing them less inclined to wander here and there, and does away with any resale value for breeding purposes.

Slip collars are for training or walking only; pets should wear flat or rolled buckle collars for everyday use, and tags should be attached to the buckle collar.

The dog should never be left in a car unattended, even if it is locked. This leads to the obvious health risks and also an invitation for thieves. Leaving expensive items in the car such as a GPS device or the laptop will only encourage break-ins and possibly allow the dog to escape.

During hurricane Katrina, a lot of dogs were stolen from shelters. Also going by the terms of disaster preparedness owners should keep pictures of them with their pets.

The dogs should not be bought from the internet, flea markets, or roadside vans.

Be especially watchful over the pets when it is foggy, snowing, or dark outside, as well as whenever traveling or visiting an area unfamiliar to the pet. These situations may leave your pet more vulnerable to becoming lost.

Before entrusting the pet to a boarding or training kennel or other pet care service or facility, be sure to thoroughly investigate its reputation.