Why Aggressive People Prefer Aggressive Dogs

It is interesting that findings reveal that there is a relationship between aggressive people and aggressive dogs. Indeed, there is a thin line between man and his friend. This is the fact that a human being is moral in nature but can still be preferential to a canine that is fierce. According to researchers, there is a reason why a person, who is naturally angry, goes for a fierce greyhound and not a gentle terrier. It all lies in one’s character, sympathies and attitude towards life.
People who have a temper normally look for canines that live up to their nature. They like to have, beside them, a barking team of man’s best friend to not only protect them but give them a sense of superiority.
Another reason is the age of the person. Findings reveal that teenagers who have short tempers go for the angry canine more than their counterparts of an advanced age. This is because the breed matches up to their quick expectations of what is honorable or dishonorable. A dog that keeps barking at strangers gives the teenage owner a sense of pride. It suggests control over others, especially when the owner has low self-esteem. When they walk with the pet on leash, they get thrilled when it makes other people step off the path in which they are walking.
The above inclinations by persons of anti-social character do not, however, show that they have no principles. In fact, these persons are quite protective and have qualms when the dogs misbehave. They take precaution that their pets are always on leash so that they do not cause any harm to strangers. They only have their barking partners beside them to fulfill a need of superiority and have a feeling of being in control. Otherwise, they have a prick of conscience that the domestic animal may cause unintended harm.
Though aggressive people go for angry dogs, they are quite peaceable. Research shows that they normally take their charges to behavioral clinics for training. There are many of these exclusive spots that provide day-time physical exercise. They also provide exclusive stations for practicing behavior change. This means that, though the animal will remain fierce, it will, however, only resort to biting when one excessively provokes it. It is not surprising that owners with short tempers also sign up to know how they can become peaceable citizens. They learn how to control their emotions in a class where their pets are also attending.
One can deduce from the above dissertation that people with temper go for fierce dogs just to achieve a matching character in an animal. These individuals also just want to have a sense of control. Many theories have forwarded the claim that they also do this in order to get noticed by the fairer sex. However, this claim has never really worked by merit. One proposal that has turned out to be feasible is that such people always need a protective canine that can turn off thieves and other transgressors.