Top 5 Rarest Dog Breeds On the Planet Earth

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different dog breeds sharing the planet Earth with us today. However, these days, there are a number of incredibly rare breeds that are not only highly sought after, but also highly expensive. Here are the top 5 rarest dog breeds on the planet Earth.

1.       Chinook

The Chinook is a dog breed that most people will have not even heard of before. This incredibly rare breed all descend from the famous sled dog named Chinook. As it stands, there are very few of these dogs left in the world. However, numbers are not as low as they once were. After the founder of this breed died in the 1960’s, a group of Chinook enthusiasts joined their efforts  in order to preserve the breed.

2.       Otterhound

Whilst most of us will have not heard of the name of this breed, it is likely that we will have seen images of the famous Otterhound. These dogs were once used regularly in the hunting world, but since Otter hunting was banned numbers have decreased rapidly. These dogs are now mainly kept as pets. However, if you want to get an Otterhound for yourself then you will have a struggle on your hands. It is said that there are only a couple of hundreds left.

3.       Azawakh

This particular breed bears a striking resemblance to the Greyhound. However, its features are much more striking. The Azawakh originally comes from Africa, but there are some of these dogs in the United States. Whilst some people do keep the Azawakh as a pet, they are primarily hunting dogs as this is what they are trained to do in the desert.

4.       Barbet

This is one breed that definitely stands out from the crowd. This particular dog mainly stands out for its appearance. It has very long woolly fur which, unless it is kept very well groomed, will matt very easily. These dogs are said to be incredibly loyal and enjoy human contact very much. However, breed numbers are low, so getting hold of one will definitely not be an easy task.

5.       Mudi

This Hungarian breed is very popular at the moment, but it is a very rare breed. One of the things that make the Mudi so well liked is the fact that it is a very active breed. These dogs make great family pets, but they are also well suited to a working environment. However, they do require regular grooming in order to prevent matting.

These are just five of the many rare breeds on this planet, there are many more. Fortunately, there are professional breeders who make it their job to carry on these lines of pure breeds.