When It Takes a Siberian Husky Instead of a Dog

When it comes to endurance, speed and bravado at work, a horse is at the back of the mind. But when it comes to all the above qualities double magnified and polished with more power, intelligence and economy, the Siberian husky springs in the mind of those aware about this dog breed. If Siberian husky is news to you here, read on, this will just serve to impress you about this little known ‘running power in the north’.

Siberian Husky, a working dog breed that originated in the north eastern Siberian was initially used as sled dog in Canada and the wider US, but due to its efficiency and speed they are used in sled dog racing too and transport. Nothing replaces the speed of a typical Siberian dog, not even a doped horse in a horse race. It has profound endurance and can cover up immense distance in a race without exhaustion. They are known to travel up to 40 miles per day with standing long working days on little amounts of food.

Comparing it with a horse, in a race in the northern territories, a Siberian Husky dog is preferable (the north is notorious for prolonged icy winter seasons). First it is meant to work on winter seasons unlike a horse that will hibernate in this season. It is a reliable means of transport in the tough winter season and ooh yes unlike a horse it can swim across a river perfectly. Even vehicles can be rendered useless in a typical winter season of the north but nothing can stop a Siberian dog from pulling that sled and deliver goods in the opposite end of the ridges.

Siberian Husky skijoring is more fun than doing the same on a horse. The reason is that a horse tires faster and it is more susceptible to skidding on its hoofs hence cutting short the sport. A Siberian husky has its paw grip on the ice and can move faster and longer on icy surface. Contests between the two have proved that a Siberian dog is better placed to win the race than a horse and conclusions have been drawn that this dog is better, economically and speed to transport wares in the north. A horse is also slower in adapting to thawing ice unlike but this dog has nothing to hinder its smooth transition.

Training a horse to respond calmly to the presence of ropes and a sled takes longer and is at some point disappointing when it proves entirely impossible. A Siberian husky has some natural affinity to sled and it only probes it to run even faster than when empty. It also needs no guide rider unlike a horse that won’t simply steer the direction without a guide rider on its back.

Siberian Husky is highly intelligent which makes it excellent in obedience and the transport task is therefore easy. This trait of intelligence makes them affiliated to work all the time otherwise they become bored when idle and can easily turn disobedient to commands.